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Luminette Privacy Sheers® combine the beauty of sheers and the privacy of soft draperies into one incomparable window fashion. 
The fabric vanes create sheer magic with the simple twist of a wand.  By rotating the vanes from completely opened to completely closed, or any increment in between, you'll enjoy a level of light control never before possible in a sheer.  Draw the sheers closed for gently diffused light, or open for an unobstructed view. 
In virtually any room and in any rectangular window or door opening,  from French doors to expansive walls of windows,  Luminette sheers bring out  the beauty of any home decor.

the fabric - Luminette Privacy Sheers® are available in a variety of textures and colors.  The face fabric and neutral white vanes are 100% polyester making them remarkably durable.
the finished header - The tailored five inch header is an integral part of the softly sculptured fabric folds.  This exclusive design conceals the patented operating mechanism as the sheers traverse along the rod.
the softrakª system- The proprietary SofTrakª system provides incredibly smooth and reliable operation.  The scissors mechanism ensures consistent vane spacing.  All this, beautifully contained within a sleek, low profile rod.
auto-alignment of vanes - The vanes can be easily repositioned should they become misaligned.   Simply rotate the vanes completely to one side, then the other, until the vanes are realigned.
the cord and wand - The innovative combination wand and cord is easy to operate.  The cord traverses the sheers along the SofTrak rod.  The wand rotates the vanes in increments from completely opened to completely closed.
the bottom finish - Luminette sheers feature a crisp, neat bottom finish.  The bottom is clean, durable and designed to resist fraying.



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